Ostrava to welcome Battle of the Champions

The best athletes from all around the world will arrive to Ostrava next year in September. The City Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice will host the IAAF Continental Cup and tickets for this prestigious event are already available. For more details we asked Libor Varhaník, the President of the Czech Athletic Federation.

Ostrava will host the IAAF Continental Cup next year in September. Could you describe the event closely?

The IAAF Continental Cup is the world’s largest event in athletic that Czech athletics can organize. The audience will have an opportunity to see the best athletes from four continents. Ostrava will host champions from Europe, Africa, America and Asia-Oceania. It’s a team competition and we promote it under claim – Battle of the Champions.

The campaign begins the next week even though the event will take place next year. Why?

There is a huge interest about organizing this event and we would like to offer tickets for the IAAF Continental Cup during IAAF World Championships in London which starts by the end of this week. We proceeded in a similar way during the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2015 in Prague and we sold out half of the tickets six months before the event.

How prestigious is this event? Is it possible to compare it with European Athletics Indoor Championships in Prague which was recordable in many aspects, especially in the interest of audience?

There is not a higher-level competition in athletic which we could organize in terms of stadium’s capacity or financial aspects. It’s the second most important competition for the International Association of Athletics Federation right after the World Championships. IAAF will share over three million dollars for prize money. The best athletes from all around the world will fight in team competition, so Ostrava will see performances of the best athletics. The event takes place only once in four years.

Is Ostrava ready to host such important athletics event?

For sure it is. Stadium of top European and world dimensions is built in Vítkovice, we have experience in organizing many important athletics event. From an organizational point of view, we went step by step. Ostrava hosts Golden Spike meeting annually and hosted youth championships in 2007 (U17) and 2011 (U22). 

This athletics event certainly has added value…

Of course it has. We believe that such great event will contribute to further motivation of children and development of athletics in every level in the Czech Republic and also it will support the growing trend of interest in our sport which we have been experiencing in recent years. It is an excellent presentation for Moravian-Silesian region and for the city of Ostrava towards abroad. Athletes from all around the world will come to Ostrava. Athletic is the most widespread sport in the world with its 215 member’s federations.

Does your team plan to organize other supporting events in addition to the classic promotion?

We would like the event to be educational so we are preparing an annual competition with Moravian-Silesian region and the city of Ostrava – the competition for elementary and high schools called "Ostrava cheers for continents". It starts this year in September.

What is the competition about?

We would like to involve children in regular physical activity because athletics is the base of all sports and that offers the connection. However, we want to make use of the fact that athletes from all around the world will come to Ostrava. Top athletes from four continents will become patrons of schools and we will connect them together. We would like the children to learn about culture, customs and life of athletes from different parts of the world and other aspects in connection with our ambassadors. 

Ticket sale starts the 7th of August. Will the price be available to a regular fan?

I think so because we have negotiated the acceptation of tickets with IAAF, so tickets are acceptable to fans in the Czech Republic and the Moravian-Silesian region. The usual price for such event is usually higher but thanks to the support of the region and the city we do not have to approach such high prices. So there is no need to hesitate to buy ticket in time. 


Daily tickets from 150 CZK

Tickets are available in Ticketportal (, the ticket’s sale starts the 7th of August 2017. Ticket prices start at 150 CZK per day, the highest category is 500 CZK. Half-discounts are available for seniors (65+), children under 130cm and wheelchair users (symbolic 1 Czech crown)