Tickets for IAAF Continental Cup already on sale

The best athletes of all continents will meet in Ostrava next year - to compete in IAAF Continental Cup from 8th to 9th September in City Stadium. The ticket sale for this major athletic event started on Monday August 7th, 2017.

The world's largest athletic competition the Czech Republic can organize will be held in Ostrava exactly in one day, one month and one year to go. 

The champions of Europe, Africa, America and Asia-Oceania will head for Ostrava to fight for the title in IAAF Continental Cup. Czech athletes as Jarmila Kratochvílová, Helena Fibingerová, Jan Železný, Tomáš Janků, Vítězslav Veselý and Barbora Špotáková and many others have been introduced to the team of Europe in the last years. "I was glad I got to such a prestigious event," said Tomáš Janků, the high jumper and current director of the Czech Athletic Federation. "In addition, I always enjoyed team competitions, participating in Athens was a big challenge and a great responsibility for me. Of course, I wanted to win, "he adds.

IAAF Continental Cup has been held irregularly since 1977, and has been named World Cup until 2008. It is the most prestigious team competition in athletics world, which takes place only once every four years. 

“We know that there is always a huge interest of his prestigious event so we would like to offer the tickets to athletics fans at the time of IAAF World Championship in London. We used the similar strategy by the ticket sale for  European Athletics Indoor Championship in Prague 2015 and the event was sold out half a year in advance, “said Libor Varhaník, chairman of Czech Athletic Federation.

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketportal: