Netoličková: I already have a ticket to IAAF Continental Cup

Couple of days ago she enjoyed the atmosphere at the IAAF World Championships in London. “You feel tingling and goose bumps when the stadium pushes athletes forward or when you hear national anthem. You cannot experience the same in front of TV,” says Táňa Netoličková.

That’s why one of the most prominent figures of the Czech athletic is looking forward to the top event of the next season: IAAF Continental Cup which takes place on the City stadium Ostrava-Vítkovice in September 2018. 

“I’ve already bought a ticket!” says one of the best Czech 400m runners in history. “Due to the fact that Czechs and especially fans in Ostrava love athletic, I believe that tickets will be sold out very soon, so I wanted to be sure,” she adds.  The sale of tickets to the biggest athletic event that Czech Republic can host runs through Ticketportal network. The organizers have reported positive news – just after a week 4500 tickets have been sold. “As IAAF Continental Cup will be held next year, it’s an excellent number,” Netoličková says. 

In the past years, she spent countless moments at the City stadium in Ostrava both as an athlete and as a coach. The traditional meeting the Golden Spike is close to her heart, she didn’t miss at IAAF World Championships U17 nor the European Championships U23 which took place in metropolis in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the past years. 

“All these events are proof that Ostrava and its organizers are able to prepare great competitions and the audience is always enormous,” she realizes. “When I was competing, the atmosphere at the Golden Spike could hype me to personal bests, no matter if it was the first race of the season. Fans in Ostrava know athletic very well and they can create great surroundings for the athletes. They deserve to host such prestigious event as IAAF Continental Cup is.”

The competition that takes place only once in four years and where the best athletes from four continents compete in teams is an exceptionally attractive project, according to the silver 400m runner from IAAF World Championships 1983.

“Team competition is special itself. For example, at the European Cup you can see how the teams are strengthened. Usually in a competition each athlete races on his own but here they all have extra motivation to contribute to the result of their team. The team must have a common spirit to achieve the same goal,” Netoličková says.

In 1985, she also planned to contribute her performance to the success of European team at the World Cup as IAAF Continental Cup was once called. She was nominated as 400m runner for a prestigious event in Canberra. 

“But a week before competition I tore a tendon on my foot. It was the last step of 4x400m relay. I treaded, something cracked in my leg and Australia and the World Cup was over. I was really upset because it was a big challenge and honour for me to start at the World Cup,” she recalls and looks forward to enjoy the atmosphere of team athletics in Ostrava next year.

She believes that City stadium will be full. “Lot of people don’t even know about IAAF Continental Cup but it will change. I tell people wherever I can,” former Czech athlete doesn’t hide. “Some of them leave buying tickets for the last minute but I wouldn’t do that – we know the example of the Golden Spike when people ‘wake up’ for the last minute and it’s usually late,” Netoličková warns.

So where can you buy tickets? They are sold via Ticketportal ( Ticket prices start at 150 Czech crowns per day, the highest category is 500 Czech crowns. Half-discounts are available for seniors (65+), children under 130cm and wheelchair users (their accompaniment for symbolic 1 Czech crown).