IAAF Continental Cup Promotion the most popular with visitors

During the Olympic Festival 2018 in Ostrava, the promotion of the IAAF Continental Cup in athletics which is taking place on 8th and 9th September 2018 became very popular with visitors  to Ostravar Arena. The promotional stall was the most attractive place to visit at this event. 

17 days, 30 sports events and 101 624 visitors – those are the official numbers of the Olympic Festival 2018 in Ostrava. At the Summer Olympics Rio de Janeiro 2016 Festival four years ago, the Czech Olympic Committee organized similar event to promote athletics and this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeonChang 2018 were no difference. “The winter edition of the Olympic festival in Ostrava was one of the most successful promotional events we’ve ever organized,” said the manager of the project, Nada Cerna. 

The Olympic festival in Ostrava was naturally dominated by winter sports events but athletics, one of the two summer Olympic sports events presented in Ostravar Arena, did not get lost at all. The opposite is true, IAAF Continental Cup 2018 promotional stall was undoubtedly the most visited. Very attractive athletic ‘site’ was mentioned in numerous reports by all major Czech media, Czech Television or Czech Radio, to name but few. Furthermore, there was a special supplement of the Olympic Festival magazine devoted to IAAF Continental Cup 2018 in Ostrava. 

“IAAF Continental Cup promotion was designed and organised so that people and especially children could have a ‘hands on experience’ with the queen of sports. We were delighted that people were interested in the winners’ podium, taking pictures with their faces painted in ‘battle colours’ which actually stems from our vision of IAAF Continental Cup being the ‘battle of champions’, said the Executive director Valter Bocek.

 “During IAAF Continental Cup promotion, we did a lot of giveaways, about 14 000 badges with IAAF Continental Cup logo and also about 1 200 special photos from the winners’ podium were given to fans and visitors. The winners’ podium was ready for the weekends and the athletic events were experienced by thousands of children.