99 days to go: Video with popular performer as a “taxi driver” unveiled

Some three months to go, IAAF Continental Cup promotion campaign is gaining momentum. Draging the audience into the stands is one of key aspects for any successful event. Official hashtag “BeThere” (in Czech #BuduUToho) was developed by the LOC and dedicated promotion video has been released with multitalented Ben Cristovao starring as a guy who drives people of various professions and most importantly youth to the Městský stadion in Ostrava.


A cook. A receptionist. A fireman. A surgeon. An athletic judge. A physiotherapist. And a class of teenage students. People of different kinds, roles, gender or age will all (except for the judge, of course) put fan colours on their faces, jump in a car driven by Ben Cristovao, or run to the stadium to “be there”, to see, to cheer, and to enjoy the most important global athletic event of the year 2018.

On Friday 1 June, with 99 days before start of two-day sport festival in Ostrava (8-9 September), video with clear message has been spread to the world: Athletics addresses everyone. Everyone may join and enjoy. Ben Cristovao stars in the video as a taxi driver of people involved in the cup, crowd and others. He collects people one by one at their (working) places and will drive them to the stadium.

Also, every fan goes to the “Battle of the champions” (another campaign message) decorated with fighting colours on his or hers cheeks, where the upper one links to a specific continental team: blue for Europe, violet for Asia-Pacific, yellow for Afrika, red for Americas.


30-year-old Ben Cristovao is a perfect role model for a big sport event connecting different cultures, as well as attracting young audience attention – he has 470.000 Facebook followers, enormous number in 10-million country. His father comes from Angola, Africa, and his mother is native Czech. Ben is multitalented personality, singer, song writer, dancer, actor, but also an athlete. As a teenager he was successful in snowboarding (winner of national cup 4x4 series), then he switched to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In 2016, he took bronze at open Asian championships, and won prestigious international Madrid Open.

Ostrava 2018 LOC has a busy schedule in the first week of June. There is an opening of the official IAAF Heritage – World / Continental Cup 1977-2018 Exhibition in Forum Nová Karolina, Ostrava on Tuesday (5), and test event at the Městský stadion in Ostrava on Wednesday (6), where specific rule application for the September event will be examined while four teams of young athletes from the region competing.

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