School relays fought for the Continental Cup

At the Městský stadion in Vítkovice there was a qualification race for the “Ostrava supports continents” project. Pupils and students from elementary and high schools endeavoured to advance into the Superfinals that will take place in the Continental Cup pre-program.


In warm sunny weather, hundreds of pupils and students of primary and secondary schools met at the stadium. Fighting mood and optimistic tuning was to feel at every turn. The members of the relay were determined to fight for the Superfinals and the atmosphere was great.

The opening ceremony was held by the chairman of the Czech Athletic Federation, Libor Varhaník. Mayor of the of Ostrava, Tomáš Macura, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region Stanislav Folwarczny, as well as ambassadors of individual continents, Jan Kudlička (Americas), Tomáš Janků (Europe) and Jakub Holuša (Africa).

The Mayor of Ostrava, Tomáš Macura, stressed the great importance of this event for the city. “We have tried to engage children from the Moravian-Silesian Region in such an important international competition. We believe that this is enough motivation for them, and new champions may appear among them. The “Ostrava supports continents” project was being prepared for two years and hundreds of children from elementary and high schools took part in it. Great rewards are made for the best. I believe that children will enjoy competitive atmosphere at the stadium where world records have fallen and the greatest athletic stars including Usain Bolt were racing,” he said at the opening.

His words are complemented by Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region, Stanislav Folwarczny. "The Continental Cup is the culmination of what has happened in Ostrava in recent years. We are pleased with the great interest shown by high school and elementary schools. Children's sport is a healthy way of life and we can not wish for anything better than involving children in such a project," he said.

Relay qualifying races were held in three categories. In case of elementary schools, best eight mixed relays would participate in Superfinal, that is, two fastest schools of each continent would advance. Pupils of the first degree (classes 1 to 4) of primary schools had 8x200 meter relay on the program, second degree (classes 5 to 9) 8x300m.


Superfinal qualifiers, elementary schools (classes 1-4):

Europe - ZŠ Porubská 4:16.09, ZŠ Bulharská 4:41.16

Americas – ZŠ Ostrava – Hrabůvka 4:36.96, ZŠ Ostrava – Bělský les 4:38.24

Africa – ZŠ gen. Zdeňka Škarvady 4:30.42, ZŠ Ostrava –Poruba 4:47.82

Asia – ZŠ K. Pokorného 4:45.06, ZŠ Aleše Hrdličky 4:51.22


Superfinal qualifiers, elementary schools (classes 5-9):

Europe: ZŠ Porubská 5:44.72, ZŠ F. Formana 6:34.90

Americas – ZŠ Ostrava – Bělský les 6:24.69, ZŠ Dětská 6:30.78

Africa – ZŠ gen. Zdeňka Škarvady 6:18.27, ZŠ Michalkovice 6:28.26

Asia – ZŠ Aleše Hrdličky 6:37.46, ZŠ Ostrava – Stará Bělá 6:41.06


High school students competed in the 4x400-meter relay, boys and girls apart. Only winning teams of each continent qualified to the super-finals.


Superfinal qualifiers, secondary schools:



Europe – Gymnázium Ostrava – Zábřeh 4:36.46
Americas – Gymnázium a SOŠ Cihelní, Frýdek Místek 4:43.21
Africa – Slezské Gymnázium Opava 4:16.39
Asia – Gymnázium a OA Orlová 4:33.23



Europe – SOŠ Frýdek Místek 3:53.03
Americas – Gymnázium Havířov-Město 3:54.30
Africa – Matiční Gymnázium Ostrava 3:47.01
Asia – OA SPŠL Opava 3:51.46