Ostrava lit up by youth Continental Cup

At the Vítkovice stadium there was a race called „Kontinentální pohár nanečisto“, where the teams from four regions competed in the same competition model in which the Continental Cup will be held.

Athletes from the Moravian-Silesian (Asia and Oceania), Olomouc (America), Zlín (Africa) and South Moravian (Europe) regions competed in the team competition. Each team represented one continent. In the listed disciplines, two competitors were running for each team and the scoring system was the same as the Continental Cup.

Athletes have also tried news in the rules that will be seen in the Continental Cup. These relate to technical disciplines, longer running distances of 3,000 meters, or a chance to bet on a chosen discipline, where the team gains twice the number of points in the event of a victory.

Good quality performance has been shown by high jumpers. Bára Sajdokova won, when she jumped 180 for second attempt. Behind her was the other one Klára Krejčiříková (174). Jakub Kunt dominated in the triple jump (14.06). In the discus throw was sovereign Pavel Mišurec (51.07). Filip Wojnar was the fastest boy in the 400 meters race (49.77).

The team of Europe, represented by the South Moravian Region, won a total of 136 points in the team competition. The silver position was taken by the Asia-Oceania team (Moravian-Silesian Region) with 121 points. The tight fight for the third place was better for the team of Africa (Zlínský kraj), which collected 76 points, before the athletes representing America (Olomouc Region), whose points were 73 points.