Preparations for the continental cup culminate

Only four days left to the Continental Cup in Ostrava. Preperations for this athletics event. Are already finishing. This morning, journalists had the opportunity to see the warm up area and main stadium.

The Executive Director of the Continental Cup LOC Valter Boček first introduced to all attendees the training stadium, where the team are based, as well as the health care of the athletes. There is also a gym, which is important part of pre-race preparation for many athletes. Part of the warm up area is large-area screen. The unique thing is small tribune, where fans have the chance to see athletes in warm-up, which is not obviously.

Athletes will enter the stadium by Entry gate where the unique trophy for Continental Cup will be displayed. This trophy was specially made for this event. And is currently exhibite dat the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava.

Continental Cup is the largest athletics event., which Czech Republic can host. 35 members of LOC, more then 150 selected volunteers and 100 members of infield support participate in the preparation. Interest of media is also huge. More than 100 journalists are accredited. Medical care is in chargé of 10 doctors and 26 members of the Red Cross. Athletes will be attended by 26 physiotherapists. More than 70 certified and trained referies will supervise the course of competitions.

Tickets for Sunday program are sold out. For Saturday left around 100 tickets.

Support from the city Ostrava is very important for this event, as confirmed by Deputy Mayor of the Statutory City Ostrava Vladimír Cigánek. „The city has been supporting sport and athletics in Ostrava for a long time and has invested a lot of money in the past. The Continental Cup i sone of the biggest events this year in our city and small investments were still needed. For example, we´ve expanded our buffet network to make our visitors a bit more enjoyable,“ he said.